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Our innovative delivery-only kitchens and dining restaurants are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including state-of-the-art robotics systems for both indoor and outdoor food delivery.

Innovative technology

Kitchen Forces is a leading provider of culinary infrastructure, offering aspiring food entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to establish virtual delivery-only restaurants.

We provide dedicated, ready-to-use, optimized, and professional kitchens within an ultra-rapid timeframe, enabling our customers to produce multiple brands and diverse cuisines all under one roof.

Dark kitchens

Kitchen Forces enables aspiring food entrepreneurs to establish virtual delivery-only restaurants with dedicated, optimized kitchens, allowing for the production of multiple brands and diverse cuisines under one roof. Our ultra-rapid timeframe ensures ready-to-use, professional kitchens. Moreover, our seamless order integration connects with major delivery platforms, aggregated with the efficient Deliverect software.

Strategic services

Experience the utmost convenience and efficiency with Kitchen Forces’ comprehensive range of services, which go beyond providing fully equipped kitchens to include a call center, operational delivery service center, 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance, delivery with sidewalk robots, cleaning service, courier room, digital marketing support, waste management, community discounts, high-speed internet/wi-fi, 10-minute drink supply, dry storage, and individual cooling spaces.

Catering solutions

Joining Kitchen Forces also means being part of catering possibilities organized from within Food Court (Amsterdam City South), part of the Kitchen Forces formula.

From meticulous attention to detail to culinary excellence, we create menus that cater customers’ preferences and dietary needs. Our dedicated team ensures flawless execution, using high-quality ingredients and impeccable presentation to make events memorable.
Just another potential way of growing of growing your food business within the Kitchen Forces community!

Discover the Benefits of Joining Kitchen Forces

Looking for a turnkey solution for your food delivery service? Kitchen Forces offers fully equipped kitchens, seamless integration, and additional resources and support for their members. Learn more about the benefits of joining Kitchen Forces below.

No upfront investment

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Ready to launch

Membership model

Fixed cost

Resources and support

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Join our platform for a hassle-free onboarding process, no activation fees. Experience the ease of getting started with our personalized support and comprehensive training. Thrive in the competitive food delivery industry with our intuitive tools and vast customer network. Partner with us to unlock your business's full potential.

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Get answers to your pressing questions in our FAQ section.  Discover more about our services and take the next step towards culinary success.

Kitchen Forces offers turnkey kitchen space solutions enabling delivery restaurants to scale their business seamlessly with a single partner at low costs, within an ultra-rapid timeframe.

To put it simply; a cloud kitchen is a kitchen without a restaurant. It’s a brand that exists entirely online and for the sole purpose of producing meals for delivery. That means they cannot be found at brick-and-mortar locations and customers can’t always sit down for a meal. Members of Kitchen Forces can as a cloud kitchen, only be accessed through online delivery platforms. Numerous restaurants resorted to cloud kitchens as a response to lockdowns and dine-in restrictions brought by the pandemic. Is the cloud kitchen a viable model? Yes it absolutely is, as there is a proven and rising demand for the convenience of delivery.

With its strong infrastructure and proficient team, Kitchen Forces will enable you to achieve success rapidly. With its developing and up-to-date technological approach, it will help restaurants to be more visible and accessible. Cutting-edge Robotics Systems will be used for both indoor operations and outdoor food delivery while keeping the restaurants updated with current technologies.

* A real turnkey solution including fully equipped kitchens and services
* Opportunity to produce multiple brands and different cuisines in a single kitchen
* Customized kitchen equipment setup installed according to kitchen type 

In 4 years reaching
 10 locations x 10 kitchens in The Netherlands. But we don’t stop at the border and are looking for international opportunities as well.

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